Warranty services 

(1) The company sold products to provide year free warranty service.

(2) In the event of machine failure, please contact with the maintenance department. Customer support department : 086-754-8217333

(3) For users of the company during normal use, or for technical failures or malfunctions caused by the quality of their own shall be warranty coverage, the company provided the warranty service Sept. Only the following cases, even in the warranty period will be charged. A. As a result not use attention on operational matters and the use of aircraft, and damage arising from the failure. B. As a result of mechanical failure or lead to abnormal voltage malfunctioning. C. Warranty cards and products are recorded in the content, or warranty card content altered or blurred to be identified. D. Purchase occurred after by fires, natural disasters, such as earthquakes and the damage caused by the failure. E. Electrothermal films, such as vulnerability management electrothermal disc.

(4) If the warranty period has exceeded, the company will receive appropriate services and spare parts costs.

Free training operatives 

Free training operatives of the companies have more technicians for new enterprises or factories used this product customers, the company sent home generation debugging personnel and operating technicians trained operatives, and on common operating skills, and maintaining knowledge. By looking back from the day-to-day use and maintenance of the superior.